S2E6: 34 week Induction with Intrauterine Growth Restriction & NICU stay (Lillian Odom)

Welcome Back to Embracing Birth the Podcast! 

In this episode Lillian Odom, owner of Modern Family Doula, talks about the journey of having her first child, Wesley. As a postpartum doula and new mom coach, Lillian knew she wanted to go with a midwifery practice and was overall very healthy during her pregnancy, but during the last trimester faced some complications that ultimately led to her being induced early, which was one of the last things she expected to happen. Despite the unexpected complications, Lillian still had an amazing childbirth experience and tells it all right here on the podcast, including what the NICU stay was like and how they transitioned from NICU to home. Lillian has an amazing story as a new mom and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! 

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Instagram: @Modernfamilydoula

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Instagram: @embracingbirththepodcast

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