S2E2: Fast, Unmedicated, Hospital Birth (Emily Letwak)

In today’s episode, Emily tells me about the birth story of her first baby Serena, who came so fast they barely had time to make it to the hospital! Hear all about how exercise significantly improved her pregnancy, how she got through an unmedicated labor without an epidural, and how her postpartum journey went as a working mom! Thank you to @emilyyyletwak for sharing her story with us!

My Fertility & Pregnancy Journey (Kristina & Eric Bohorquez) Embracing Birth: The Podcast

In today's episode, I sit down with my husband to tell you all my own personal journey with fertility and pregnancy (as I sit here being 39 weeks pregnant). We talk about our story together as a couple, when we knew we wanted to become parents, and how being a labor and delivery nurse has effected my own journey. This is a great episode to get to know me and my family a little better! I hope you all enjoy! Website: http://www.embracingbirththepodcast.com Instagram and Facebook: @embracingbirththepodcast 
  1. My Fertility & Pregnancy Journey (Kristina & Eric Bohorquez)
  2. Navigating Partner Deployment with Doula Support (Pennie Rabago)
  3. Sleep and Your Newborn (Christine Lawler from The Peaceful Sleeper)
  4. Fast, Unmedicated, Hospital Birth (Emily Letwak)
  5. Breastfeeding and the New Mom (Sabrina Barber – Motherly Love Lactation)

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