9. Positive Hospital Birth with an Epidural (Victoria K)

Hey listeners!

This week’s episode of Embracing Birth the Podcast features Victoria, a first-time mom, who tells us all about her labor experience in the hospital setting during the birth of her son Colin. Victoria had already established care with an OBGYN in Phoenix, where she and her husband, Jeff, were living at the time, and she decided to continue with that practice when she got pregnant.

Victoria overall had a smooth pregnancy without complications. The night before her 40-week check up, Victoria started feeling contractions, but eventually they stopped. The next day after her appointment, she started feeling consistent contractions again and decided it was time to go to the hospital.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, she was assessed and had progressed significantly in dilation compared to the exam done earlier that day at the doctor’s office. The rest of her labor went very quickly, but luckily she had enough time to get an epidural and get comfortable before holding Colin in her arms! She also talks about how her husband, Jeff, was a great support partner throughout her whole labor experience.

Reflecting on the postpartum period, Victoria shares with us some of the struggles she experienced with breastfeeding and how she ultimately had to supplement with formula since Colin wasn’t gaining enough weight on breastmilk alone. Her breastfeeding journey ended earlier than she was hoping for, but she shares with us what she would do differently next time around and to always trust your maternal instincts!

Thank you Victoria for being an amazing guest on the podcast!

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