5. A Catalina Island Pregnancy (Jerriko Lynn Scott)

Hello listeners!

I am super excited for you to hear this week’s episode of Embracing Birth. Today, I am talking with Jerriko Lynn Scott about the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Selah! Jerriko and her husband, Kyle, were living on Catalina Island when they got the news that they were expecting! They couldn’t have been more excited for what this new adventure would be like for them, but Jerriko soon realized that with the lack of maternity and healthcare available on the island, she would have to find a provider in Long Beach and take a ferry over for all her prenatal care appointments. During her last month of pregnancy, she would even have to pack up all her essentials and live away from home so she could be close to the hospital for whenever she went into labor. Jerriko talks about what this experience was like for her, and how the journey of Selah coming into this world was a raw, emotional, and transformative experience for her and Kyle. Don’t miss this episode you guys, it’s a great one! Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, and don’t forget to subscribe!


Horizon Pregnancy Clinic: https://www.horizonpc.org/

Article on importance of Catalina Island residents giving birth on the mainland: https://thecatalinaislander.com/cimc-encourages-expectant-moms-to-expect-on-mainland/

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