3. Loving Your Postpartum Body (Alyssa Fowler)

Alyssa and baby River doing skin-to-skin right after River’s birth.

In this week’s episode of Embracing Birth, Alyssa Fowler shares her entire pregnancy and birth journey with us. Alyssa originally scheduled an induction with her doctor, but after a thanksgiving meal with her family she soon realized she was going into labor on her own. She also discusses how the postpartum period affected her and what advice she would give to other new moms who may be dealing with similar struggles, such as embracing your postpartum body and being patient when it comes to losing the baby weight. After my interview with Alyssa, I offer a bit of my own perspective and practical tips on how to accept the changes your body has gone through after birth. Be sure to check out the podcast now on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and Google podcasts.

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