1. A Positive Water-Birth Experience (Kim Prince-Hill)

Welcome to the Embracing Birth community! 

Today I bring you my very first podcast interview EVER, a.k.a. Episode One of Embracing Birth: The Podcast (there is an Episode 0…so go check that one out too). 

Kim’s first pregnancy

In today’s episode of Embracing Birth, I interview my good friend Kim who shares both of her water-birth stories. From worries about fertility to barely making it to her birth center before she delivered, Kim definitely shares it all! I found her story particularly interesting because as a nurse in the hospital setting, I have never actually seen a water birth in person! It was so fascinating to listen to her journey and I think you all are really going to love it! Check it out now on Spotify, Google Play Music, and Buzzsprout!

If you have any questions for Kim after listening to the episode, please email me at embracingbirththepodcast@gmail.com

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